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Every time when the friend asks me this choosing takes which company scheduled flight, I always can proud suggest self-confidently again they: "Branch of Na Hang Xinjiang! " do not be other, because I hope my friends are made the same score all one's life sincerely,install only!

I this true proposal, it is the arrogant person outstanding achievement that as a result of Na Hang Xinjiang branch safety flies nearly 52 years not just in domestic the first of all, it is to originate more I and my work in the same placing's old personal experience. The summer 2004, the fellow students that become I and me cherish huge cordial when the procession that joins empty elder sister, was moved deeply by the company culture with rich branch of Na Hang Xinjiang. Here resembles the big family that is a harmony, senior fellow and leaders gave me the consideration of the girl meticulously that this other place comes to, let me have domestic feeling. Preparing to enjoy this warmth adequately when me when, I and all work in the same placing are same, the duty that realizes oneself abruptly is the consideration that lets our passenger friends get guests feel at home as much! "In cloud of heart a style of calligraphy characterized by hollow strokes, love is in ethereal world " , I can do my best the passengers that let us feel comfortable in 10 thousand meters of headroom, sweet!

However before long I understand this is far insufficient. "Welcome you to take southern airline flight... southern aviation, the home in your sky! " the passenger that takes mike to be us when me makes these broadcast time, I just begin to understand " the home in sky " the meaning of these a few words: The place that is comfortable warmth merely returns what cannot say to be the home, be similar to high-grade hotel at most. The home, can give a person unapproachable safe sense, it is a place that lets oneself set one's mind at truly. In the day of in the future, what my deeper and deeper experience calls our flight number the home in sky to us is former by, more saw more and more civil aviaton colleagues are " " the arduous effort that this word gives. At first, I just discover we have the size meeting of more than a lot of companies much concerned safety, it is the safe preparation before suiting to execute a flight number every time after that, the air defence of whole set before the flight beforehand case, the summary comment and appraise with flight hind... everything all is reminding us ceaselessly: "The theme that safety is flight eternity " . Then I am mixed elder people same effort learns professional knowledge, make the home in our safe, comfortable sky hard. And a variety of petty thing that experience in the flight are sturdier also our defend " the home in sky " confidence.

In retaining average airliner job, when I provide hot water for cockpit as usual and reporting a case, the plane that is informed us just encountered little trouble, deputy drive the windscreen glass of ahead lost report to add lukewarm. It is the strongest that we know windscreen glass is increasing the ability below lukewarm condition only, the safest, conversely, become in frozen headroom air current show slightly flimsy. At the moment if bump into exotic, even if be consequence of a birdie,also be quite serious. I still do not have insecurity of there's still time by aircrew play not Jing place moves, ground of their in an orderly way was finished all examinations and deal with, the possibility that tells me to rush young bird next is little small, let us do not worry too; But although again small dangerous sex also should have made sufficient preparation,also emphasize at the same time, ensure the passenger's safety stoutly. Deputy drive say, if windscreen burst, he may get hurt, but he can open passenger oxygen switch with the rapiddest rate, because air can be poured out of from windscreen,bring about everybody anoxic... aircrew still enjoins us, encounter this kind of situation really must oneself take aerobic veil first, otherwise the with respect to meeting faint cannot ensure a passenger safety inside a few seconds! Our crew also was done later guard against carefully, include cabin to break the urgent process that control, ensure the measure of passenger safety, how to pacify the passenger of sweat from every pore sweat from every pore, what need possibly is urgent after including withdraw... very fast aircraft landed smoothly as usual, the same whats that also resemble anticipation did not happen. But the feeling of everybody is quite deep truly: Such a simple little trouble, a few the examination odd processing according to general airline is short nevertheless also word, a few movements just, and we for defend passenger safety ground of make concerted effort did the home in comfortable sky to be on guard so much the job. This kind of little trouble is actually a lot of a lot of realer in daily flight, this is not a special case absolutely, however a branch of Xinjiang of the boat austral us is safe to flying kind of general position and spirit of a profession! As experience and experience accumulate, the our clear safe flight that realises this 52 years to come is how to get hard-earned, this makes me more hot the group that loves us to respect property so suggests all friends that I have deep love for choose your safety, comfortable, warmth more stoutly, self-confidently " the home in sky " !
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