Department of boat Shanxi maintenance is held east " care Dong Hang " special su
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On November 14, plane of boat Shanxi branch maintains an union to undertaking east " I and Dong Hang in all destiny " the theme teachs an activity, the organization was held " cherish ego, care Dong Hang " special subject informal discussion. Fan Hong of chairman of Gao Gefeng of secretary of Party committee of department of maintenance of plane of branch of Dong Hang Shanxi, union and the 30 more than person that comes from a plane to maintain workshop of ministry a gleam of and each function branch entered have an informal discussion.

Informal discussion atmosphere is enthusiastic, everybody speak out freely, union is experienced personally oneself and this station job characteristic, the respect each airs his own views such as the job in organizing transition with respect to system of Wu of the relation of enterprise and oneself, machine, for Dong Hang the development of Shanxi branch and plane maintenance department offerred a lot of active proposals. Have stuff before what department of maintenance of plane of period of time undertakes is complete a proposal that the good yield results that manual grooms offers to be aimed at every post to undertake grooming; Employee combines him to be in what loan of Dong Hang headquarters works to experience a proposal to undertake the across between post grooms study, and even the alternate study between cent, subsidiary; Old machine Wu elder preachs through showing a body, offerred critical opinion to the youth's development; Young employee spoke of the humanitarian environment with maintenance favorable department making they acquired a lot of knowledge that are less than in book middle school and truth. Just allocated this year come the undergraduate say that department of maintenance of plane of branch of Dong Hang Shanxi has a job: "We are to be called " 80 hind " generation, although a few people can think " 80 hind " this generation person is put in such and such problem, but we can prove with our effort -- we are outstanding students when the school, we come to an enterprise also can become an outstanding employee certainly. " when the relation that speaks of oneself and enterprise, a young friend shows employee and company with the analogy of figure in all the truth of the destiny: When raining, everybody falls to a canopy take shelter from rain, every come in a passerby, can fill the one role of a canopy, it is canopy after all need passerby more prop up, still be passerby needs canopy to take shelter from rain more...

Plane of boat Shanxi branch maintains Gao Gefeng of secretary of ministry Party committee and union chairman Fan Hong to also be affected by this enthusiastic atmosphere east, undertaking communicating with everybody ceaselessly in have an informal discussion. Chairman Fan Hong talked to be opposite from the angle of labour union " with the enterprise in all destiny, develop together " understanding, transitional of transition of organization of system of Wu of machine of Dong Hang of union of Gao Gefeng's secretary works each, say palpability maintains a ministry to stabilize the practice that waits for a respect with care worker and idea in safe production, team, the attention that the development that thanks everybody to maintain a ministry to branch of Dong Hang Shanxi and plane gives, hope to will continue to get the support of extensive staff henceforth, joint efforts, for the plane maintenance department creates the development vacuum of a more harmonious, stability.
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