Firm of department of boat Wuhan flight catchs safety administration to ensure i
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Put forward around the company closely " poor dissimilation, essence is refined " strategic goal, the intensive cultivation on production, on the technology excelsior, department of flight of Donghang Wuhan company strengthened the fulfilling of safety administration measure, aim to reach annual safety target, implementation installs annual. Basically accomplished:

It is the moving characteristic below condition of low clouds, low to winter visibility and gale, ice and snow undertook special subject delibrate, refine traffic programme, implement flight method strictly, forbidden plane takes frost of ice and snow to take off, forbidden rise under the standard fall.

2 was to organize the manual of flight personnel to groom seriously the job, master deice, anti-icing intellectual program and corresponding requirement.

3 it is to had caught the safety of the aircrew outside be stationed in to move to work with management. Had done the equipment that be stationed in Han to fall the research of field, all sorts of beforehand the preparation of case measure, refine the rule, stress good safety.

4 it is strict a very safe col. Always remind personnel to prevent lax and paralytic, prevent to reduce a level, had done each preparation and safeguard work, those who ensure winter airliner moves is normal and orderly.

5 it is to had caught mainly " 3 fulfil " : Fulfil " 10 bans " requirement, fulfil " 3 catch 6 prevent " the requirement that refines measure, fulfil safety administration to implement power.

6 it is to should be strengthened complete an air defence consciousness, fulfil regulations, strengthen safe examination, implement each provision strictly, prevent incident of machine of disaster, blast to happen, forbidden aircrew take along sth to sb, buy, belt.