Nahang Jilin " Jindalai " crew the real situation pays close attention to weak f
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To receive 2008 the Olympic Games, company of Na Hangji standing forest " Jindalai " crew has been done receive all directions the preparation of all circles Bin Peng. Of course, they did not forget attention socially weak force group. For better serve for disabled of the part on the plane, "Jin Dalai " crew steward used off hours to learn a few commonly used sign language, serve in order to go to the lavatory for deaf-mute passenger.

Very lucky, "Jin Dalai " crew encounters a deaf-mute guest actually in the initial stage of study. He to " Jindalai " crew can aboard expresses to his use sign language amazed, at the same time very happy also. The study as a result of steward can study sth in order to apply it, everybody is very happy also, very excited. Actually study can let everybody feel glad, convenient passenger, it is an issue that makes a person proud very much.

China is about to greet 2008 the Olympic Games, in the meantime, na Hang also will receive the friend of all corners of the land. Without the vision, it is a door window that closed the heart; Did not have hearing, did not have the bridge of communication, the study that believes to pass sign language knowledge can let us build a trouble-free society surely.

Company of Na Hangji standing forest " Jindalai " crew collectivity group member wish passenger and family are healthy, at every turn flexibly; In the meantime, appeal social collectivity people pays close attention to weak force group, the person of the help needs beside attention. The enthusiasm that lets us use us and our love goes irrigating each spirit that needs care!


(branch of Jilin of the boat austral author department " Jindalai " crew grows by Wu)