Boat Xinjiang flies south 3 squadron value a 2 groups safe detail management
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The distance still has 45 days of time end of the year, department of flight of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang leads what move about winter to ask about the regulation according to civil aviaton total bureau, and the concerned requirement of Na Hang headquarters, belong to a group to place, squadron, make known to lower levels of each mechanism section office work energetically 45 days, make sure annual carries the catchword of flight safety in the round. Ask various cadre transforms in time idea, cogent accomplish refine management, fall ranking directive and requirement to real point really, each squadron acts instantly, check seriously place an issue, search safe hidden trouble, the secure job that strives to be annual delimits a satisfactory full stop, it is department of flight of branch of Na Hang Xinjiang below 2 groups 3 squadron (737-700) the specific work measure that having here.

(one) in the light of beforehand during individual unit member reads voyage announcement not meticulous, the heart puts fluky psychology. Squadron reiterated every unit member must read concerned voyage announcement seriously, encounter not obvious place, must be the same as discharged personnel to communicate or enquire, the person that do not enter the preparation on the net to without reason will give severe punishment;

(2) the problem of this type that mirrors instead in the light of QAR place. Squadron will be in for a short while, namely once a week crew safety gives bulletin and comment and appraise on educational congress; In not long ago ministry of as safe as the company already technology is contacted, the limiting value that records QAR place printed brochure, hand copy grants authority, requirement staff learns seriously and carry out strictly;

(3) in squadron of daily and safe information deliver a side, at present in the light of this type plane of more, air mixes small flight number, night flight or navigation check the number of pass the night increases ceaselessly, the characteristic of pilot easy fatigue. Regulation of squadron in principle holds safety to teach the conference every week, if encounter,have air man home in occupied need processing, or air plane, flight come back when crossing exhaustion, can ask for leave normally too, squadron creates do one's best the environment of a Shu Xin to crew. Some other day makes up a missed lesson all right again to squadron, sign, in order to ensure all sorts of safe information and ranking demonstrative requirement can be communicated in time to everybody;

(4) in day-to-day flight work, in the light of some new deputy drive pair of vocational study ignored, the problem with defective professional knowledge. What squadron coordinates flight department, group on one hand is normal groom, on the other hand squadron is used once a week safe education time, according to different and seasonal characteristic, timely organization crew undertakes relevant vocational study and technical delibrate, unite after the abbreviate collect that forecasts commonly used weather for example make plastic card send everybody to regard regular study as content. This calorie very practical get of everybody love, also promoted everybody than, learn, drive, side, learn the enthusiasm of business;
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