Country boat southwest branch grooms a knowledge of sale of constituent study Ol
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2006 is job of sale of boat Olympic Games starts the country in the round year, as Beijing Olympic Games is important 2008 partner, country committee of job of boat Olympic Games is opposite according to actual condition job of sale of whole Olympic Games planned multinomial sale shift and special subject activity. On November 17, country boat southwest branch grooms knowledge of sale of Olympic Games of study of worker of ministry organization cadre, invite a nation instructor of boat Olympic committee undertakes explaining meticulously to this.

Ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch, ground serves the country ministry, office, labour union, party group working ministry all expedites relevant cadre to attend. Boat Chengdu business ministry expedited the country to be in charge of above cadre and the employee that responsible market promotion works to attend. Groom this the activity matters to the sale of Olympic Games market that boat did not come to the country two years, production to run safeguard, brand to promote the strategy, each unit all gave high attention.

Through grooming, cadre workers understood Olympic Games sale to bring boat giving a state more advantageous foreground market.

Photography: Yang Wei