Country Wu of boat Chengdu machine changes first the amortization before B757 en
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On November 12, the Boeing that base of maintenance of Chengdu of branch of boat project technology carries out the country first the amortization before 757 aircrafts engine board change the job heavies repair in this base ministry and course ministry play satisfactory end hand in hand jointly.

September the middle ten days of a month, left hair of B-2832 date plane at 12 o'clock amortization board injury, finish in Beijing after be being repaired temporarily, it is good that base of boat Chengdu maintenance decides the country to be done as soon as possible by overhaul ministry permanent change repair preparation. Project of overhaul ministry technology is being written in correcting instruction process, discover this base did not carry out the special tool clamping apparatus of this job, and never also had begun change a job similarly. Although be opposite before blade this one narrow narrow amortization board the principle that pressurization installs is very simple, but once appear,careless mistake can cause serious consequence. Act on the responsibility heart that is in charge of highly to flight safety, act on first time to do right quality awareness, course of personnel of technology of ministry of overhaul of base of boat Chengdu maintenance discusses the state seriously and after evaluating the wear that repairs temporarily, unanimous decision is not used without confirming but the likelihood replaces pressurization effectively to install a method, got this base prevents the self-identity that conference panel jockeys in engine sky. Subsequently, the ministry is assisted to be assisted energetically in production below, answer base via searching clamping apparatus of will special tool to lease in time with all possible means, branch of check of course ministry A organizes what awl of the intake duct that finish, commutate reachs blade to disassemble instantly the job. Meanwhile, boat Chengdu maintains the country base overhaul ministry also takes this kind seriously to be carried out first very much, the repairman of engine key area is made, the TM group that organized technically to be comprised by professional technology personnel, inspector and skilled employee, ask strictly according to instruction and manual elaborate construction.

Final, in the country base of boat Chengdu maintenance heavies repair ministry, course ministry is successive below joint efforts of two days, this job ends satisfactorily, b-2832 date plane throws operation normally.