Workshop of boat Shanxi course strengthens an examination to safeguard east meet
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Northward winter, cold all the more, make an airlines individual pipeline plays phenomenon of incidental drop, leakage in freezing condition, cause plane incur loss through delay thereby. To ensure hold those who provide a plane is normal move. The maintenance of working plane of branch of Dong Hang Shanxi in Taiyuan base ministry course workshop works according to winter characteristic, combine working experience, right before incidental run, risk, before the place such as the hydraulic pressure pipeline of problem of drop, leakage, oil path strengthened every boat, the boat hind, examination that stands too and defend the work, the flight number that reduced to be caused from this greatly is abnormal circumstance.

In the meantime, this workshop carries out new edition of Dong Hang joint-stock company strictly " deice and anti-icing outline " , " deice / is anti-icing lash-up beforehand case " requirement, deice / attended in early days anti-icing on the basis that theory and fact become a respect to groom, master a standard strictly in the job, carry out deice / by the program anti-icing process control of the job. They have confidence to work through the maintenance of cooperation of serious and responsible, excelsior, solidarity, ensure the flight is safe.

Photography: He Ping